Who we are

Been there since 1940

It all started years ago, around 1940, when senior Konstantinos Bountouris started to cultivate Green Greek olives, based in a small village called Kalives, located in central Halkidiki. Bountouris senior dedicated his entire life to the cultivation and production of Greek Green olives, serving this precious business with real passion and true commitment. His cherished creation was then bequeathed to his two sons, who officially joined the project in 2000, continuing their father’s legacy with love, expertise and the vision to produce premium quality olives. Their business therefore constantly grew. In 2009 they established Bountouris GP, investing in two new buildings with industrial installations covering an area of 3000m2 with production lines equipped with the most advanced machinery.
Bountouris company has embraced and applied the so-called “field to fork” concept. It is a holistic concept that demonstrates the company’s ability to carefully select the products and to monitor all procedures, from the harvest till the final packaging, while processing approximately 2000-2500 tons of olives on an annual basis.

Bountouris priorities:

High quality products
High quality services
Eco friendly projects